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ISBN 1-888725-92-3 Ellos Pasaron por Aqui — 99 New Mexicans and a Few Other Folks A compilation of stories from old time New Mexico covering over 100 of the area's most colorful characters. Sometimes violent, sometimes humorous, but always entertaining, informative and well-researched by New Mexico's law-enforcement historian, Don Bullis
(2005),  6½ X 8¼, 350 pp

ISBN: 1-888725-75-3   Bloodville --Regular size print edition. Fictional adaptation of the Budville, NM murders by New Mexico crime historian, Don Bullis. (May  2002)


Table Of Contents

Bloodville --Read Chapter one

Introduction 13
Preface 15
New Mexico Killer Clay Allison: The Original Shootist 17
Manuel Armijo: Traitor Or Saint? 20
Sheriff Armijo Solves Potter Case: Perpetrators Lynched 23
Elfego Baca Fights 80 Texans At Frisco Plaza 26
Elfego Baca Captures The Killer, José Garcia Without Firing A Shot: Or Did He? 29
The Longhorn Will-O-Wisp Kills Eddy Co. Sheriff Geo. Batton: Himself Killed In Gunfight 31
Lt. Ed. Beale & The U. S. Army Camel Corps: Exercise In Strangeness 32
Judge Kirby Benedict: Justice New Mexico Style 34
On The Death Of William H. Bonney: Billy The Kid 37
Foul Murder Of Sheriff William Brady: Cowards All! 40
Texas Confederates Invade New Mexico: Col. Canby Unable To Halt Them At Valverde Fight 42
Silver City Marshal Charles Cantley Slow On The Draw: Killed In Barroom Gunfight 45
Gunfight At The Greathouse Ranch: Deputy Carlyle Killed, Outlaws Escape 47
Sheriff Carmichael And 1 Killed, 7 Wounded As Unemployed Riot 49
Marshal J. Carson Killed In Las Vegas Saloon Fight: Four Killers Die For The Crime 52
Kit Carson: Hero Or Villain? 54
Col. John Chivington And The Sand Creek Masacre 57
Black Jack Christian And The High Fives Gang 60
Newspaperman A. M. Conklin Murdered At Socorro: One Killer Shot-One Lynched 63
Horse Thief Nicholas Aragon Kills Lincoln County Deputies J. Corn & J. Hurley 66
Don Francisco Vázquez De Coronado: Adventure In La Tierra Incognita 68
Davy Crockett Shot Dead At Cimmaron: Sheriff Cleared Of Wrongdoing 72
Sheriff, Governor & Congressman: George Curry Was A Witness To New Mexico History 75
Albuquerque North Of Santa Fe: J. Disturnell'S Map Of 1847 80
Chaves County Deputy Rufe Dunnahoo Killed In Needless Gunfight 83
Smooth Steve Elkins And The Fight For Statehood 86
Estevan And Some Other Black People: Their Importance In The History Of The Old West 88
The Sins Of Albert Bacon Fall, New Mexico'S First U. S. Senator 91
A New Mexico Mystery: What Became Of Albert & Henry Fountain? 95
Socorro Killer Joel Fowler: Dead At The End Of A Rope 99
State Police Officer Nash P. Garcia Slain On Acoma Reservation: Killers In Custody 103
Who Killed Sheriff Pat Garrett?? 105
Geronimo: Last Of The Warring Apaches 110
Territorial Prison Warden James Gregg Forced To Resign: Irregularity In Accounts 115
Juan Gutierrez & Eight Families Settle Along Las Huertas Creek 118
Grant County Deputy Killed By Kidnapper:Tom Hall Shot In The Back-Killer Hanged 122
Luna County Deputies T. H. Hall & A. L. Smithers Killed In Raging Gunfight: Outlaw Killed 124
Dee Harkey: Mean As Hell 127
Jim Harshman: Reluctant Historian 130
Fight Over Turkeys Results In Gunfight: Customs Officer Jay Heard Shot, Killed Near Hachita 133
Conrad Hilton: A Son Of New Mexico 135
Doc Holliday Kills Army Scout Mike Gordon At Las Vegas: Gordon Drunk 138
The Legend Of The Hummer: A Navajo Returned Spirit 142
Shoot Out In Corrales: Louis & Louisa Imbert Both Killed 145
A New Account Of The 1898 Corrales Shootout 148
Las Cruces Deputy Jerrell Killed By Texas Stagecoach Robbers 150
New Mexico'S Jewish Merchants: A Peaceful Revolution 152
Ma & Pa Jones Settle Seven Rivers (??) 159
Texas Bank Robbery Gang Wrecks Havoc In Eastern New Mexico: Two Law Officers Killed, Harve Bolin & Tom Jones 162
Kit Joy Bandit Gang Bites The Dust: Silver City Merchant Killed 169
Former Eddy County Sheriff Dave Kemp Kills Current Sheriff Les Dow 172
Deputy Kent Killed By Horse Theives Near Folsom:  Jamison Brothers Arrested 175
Whiskey & Guns Don'T Mix; Drunk Cowboy Shoots, Kills Silver City Marshal & Constable 177
John Kinney: New Mexico'S Premier Cattle Rustler 180
Oliver Lee Of The Tularosa Country: Good Guy Or Bad??? 183
Sheriff Killed In Taos Uprising: S. L. Lee Killed At His Home 191
Sam Ketchum Wounded In Wild Gunfight At Turkey Canyon: Colorado Sheriff Killed 193
Unarmed Albuquerque Officer Alex Knapp Killed By Drunk Prisoner 196
The Lackey-Tessier Murders And The Demise Of The Sandia Mountain Desperado 198
Deputy Hawkshaw Leonard Killed In Roswell Gun Battle 200
George Lufkin Discovers Silver At Lake Valley 202
Editor Magee Shoots Judge Leahy! Innocent Bystander Killed 204
Constable Juan Martinez Killed: Three Others Die In Lincoln Co. Gunplay 207
Mysterious Dave Mather: Kills One, Wounds Two, In Saloon Shooting 209
Railroad Officer J. A. Mcclure Killed: Killers Shot-Down In Texas 212
Outlaws Kill Marshal Mcguire & Deputy Henry In Martineztown Gunfight: Killers Escape 214
Black Cowboy George Mcjunkin Discovers Prehistoric Bones 216
Susan Hummer Mcsween Barber: The Cattle Queen Of New Mexico 219
Killing Spree In Ratón: Saloon Keeper Mentzer Lynched (Twice) 222
L. G. Murphy: The Rise And Fall Of His Lincoln County Empire 225
Mass Murder At Bonito City: Martin Nelson Goes Berserk 230
Eva Poe Newkirk And The Blizzard Of 1957: 14,000 Head Of Livestock Perish 232
Las Vegas, New Mexico Hottest Town In Country Says Gov. Miguel Otero 235
José Leandro Perea Of Bernalillo: Sheep King Of New Mexico 240
J. Y. Perea: An Iconoclast In His Time 243
American Zebulon Pike Gets A Look At Spanish Santa Fe 246
Red Pipkin: Outlaw 250
Popé And The Pueblo Revolt 253
Justin Jerome De Praslin And The Ghost Town Of Hagan 256
Chaves Co. Deputy Rainbolt Shot, Killed At Roswell: Assailant Escapes 258
Dick Rogers: Short-Lived Gunfighter 260
Seboyeta, The Mother Village: Saved By Doña Antonia Romero 262
Rustlers Strike Near Cabazon: Rancher Juan Romero Killed 264
Sally Rooke: Heroine Of The Great Folsom Flood 267
Nm Governor Edmund Ross: A Forgotten National Hero 270
The Crimes And Death Of Dave Rudabaugh: A New Mexico Villian 273
On The Death Of Russian Bill: He Choked To Death, Grant Co. Sheriff Reports 277
Theives Murder Otero Co. Sheriff Bill Rutherf0Rd:  Escape Hangman'S Noose 280
Sandia Pueblo: A People Persecuted 283
Lordsburg Constable C. B. Schutz Killed By Escapees 287
Deming Sheriff Dwight Stephens Killed By Jail Escapees: Outlaw Killed In Gunfight 289
Col. Edwin V. Sumner Orders Construction Of Fort Union On Santa Fe Trail 292
Ike And Port Stockton: Outlaws 295
Prohibition Agent Ray Sutton Missing: Foulplay Feared 298
Albuquerque Mayor/Governor Clyde Tingley: A Diamond In The Rough 300
Pancho Villa Invades New Mexico: 17 U. S. Citizens Killed, 100 Mexicans Also Die 303
Ben Williams: Peace Officer 306
Bootlegger Shoots Roswell Marshal: Roy Woofter Dead 310
Uncle Dick Wootton: His Life And Times 313
Albuquerque'S Marshal Yarberry Kills Two Men: Sentenced To Hang 316
Reflections On The Death Of Cole Young, Train Robber 320
Newspaper/Periodocal Sources 323
Bibliography 327
Other Publications/Sources 333
Correspondence & Interviews 334
Index 335

On Bloodville:

What Don Bullis has done with this novel is intertwine a very accurate weave of murder, police and politics in New Mexico.  Don is the single most knowledgeable writer on New Mexico law enforcement history, practices and personalities.  He should be – he’s worked for many years in New Mexico state and local policing.  Bloodville has the steel on steel ring of unflinching truth told in a style and setting which makes this book difficult to lay aside for silliness such as meals or work.  Outstandingly entertaining, thoroughly accurate and sobering as well – I recommend Bloodville to folks both inside and outside policing.
    -William Kuehl
William Kuehl is a former New Mexico State Police captain, a retired municipal police administrator and has directed local, state and international law enforcement academies.

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