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GDPR protects You and your Customer.
How to easily and quickly comply with GDPR:

GDPR Saas for Non-WP Sites Also works for WP sites

There are several options for meeting the requirements of the GDPR Regulation.

Click to view Ken's
GPDR Solution

Meets the 7 key requirements:
    • - requires agreement to cookies (optional)
    • -Terms & Conditions policy
    • - Privacy Policy
    • - Right to be forgotten requirement
    • - Data access requirement
    • - Data breach notification requirement
    • - Data rectification system
I've used this one from Ken Sar:
  • works for Non-WPsites
  • As well as for WP sites
  • well documented instructions
  • quick and easy
  • inexpensive
  • Ken is easy to work with
  • I am compensated for passing it along
Click to view Ken's
GPDR Solution


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