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Beyond Lean

A wise person once told me, “You are either moving forward, or you are falling behind.”  This quote is so true in today’s highly competitive world of manufacturing.
If you are seeking knowledge on how-to transform your business into a Lean profit-generating machine, Beyond Lean will provide you with a common sense approach to that end.  However, I would caution you to remember that common sense is not always common practice, as you will see in the story.
Written in a fictional setting with fictional characters, Beyond Lean is the story of a young man named Leon, a Continuous Improvement Manager at Hardwood Floor Systems, who accepts the responsibility of leading an organizational change process called Lean Manufacturing.   As Leon struggles with obtaining support from others, he discovers that there is more to implementing Lean Manufacturing than meets the eye.  Leon turns to his grandfather for advice during a daylong fishing trip, and collectively they discover powerful lessons in leading organizational change.
I invite you to join in, as Leon’s story will take you through the do’s and the don’ts of a Lean transformation.
About the Author:
Specializing in mixed model value streams, and with clients in the upper mid-west and western United States, Darrell Bender is a Lean Enterprise business consultant who possesses both High Performance Work Systems implementation and Lean Enterprise transformation experience.  Prior to starting his own business, Darrell was the Continuous Improvement & Lean Manufacturing Manager for a privately owned corporation whose multiple manufacturing plants had annual sales revenue that exceeded $100 million.  Darrell has also held several management positions within a publicly traded fortune 100 corporation.  Over the past 10 years, Darrell has led numerous organizational improvement teams, from small focused problem-solving teams up to and including complex multi-functional strategic planning and manufacturing redesign teams.

50 Things --John Naese ISBN 1-59630-016-7  Beyond Lean—Lessons for Leading Organizational Change, Darrell Bender (2006).  An easy-reading odyssey revealing the do's and don'ts of lean transformation by an expert in the area. 5¼X8¼, 123  pp. $16.95

50 Things You Didn't Learn in School–But Should Have: Little known facts that still affect our world today

On what is covered in history class...

"Some high school students also get a year of world history, but that is usually contained in a "World Cultures" class, which goes into great detail about village life in the Amazon jungle, but does not tell you a lot you need to know to understand the sweep and grandeur of world history."

On democracy...

"The Romans, always stealing from the Greeks their best ideas, came up with the Roman Republic, which had senators representing the interests of groups of voters.  This, of course, worked great until Julius Caesar came along and made the place a dictatorship."

On corporations...

"Corporations respond to demand for what they sell.  If there is greater demand, they hire more workers.  When demand lessens, they lay off some workers.  It's called the business cycle, not "the evil corporate plot to abuse America's workers."

Read this, and you'll learn:

The US is not a democracy.
Electric cars pollute.
Corporations don't pay taxes.
The United States did not lose the Vietnam War.
All the important world news used to be covered in 15 minutes.
Deaths in the US:  Ted Kennedy's car - 1;  US nuclear power plant accidents - 0.
Guns in civilian hands save many more lives than they take.

It's meant to be provocative; it's meant to be an education.  But mostly, it's meant to fun to read.  So have fun, enjoy, and learn something you probably didn't know.

50 Things --John Naese ISBN 1-888725-49-4,  50 Things You Didn't Learn in School–But Should Have: Little known facts that still affect our world today  by John Naese (2005).  50 Things will let you in on the stuff that your high school teachers did not have time to teach you - or did not want you to know. 5½X8¼, 200  pp, illustrated. $16.95

  Questionnaires--Practical Hints on How to Avoid Mistakes in Design and Interpretation--By T.L.Brink, PhD, MBA (2004)

Buy this book before you implement that expensive survey!

Questionnaires is a practical guide to questionnaire design and interpretation with a problem-solution format.
This book  is different from others on this topic in that it is designed to be immediately helpful for people who have real-world constraints of budgets and deadlines. It focusses on eliminating costly errors in design rather than extensive theoretical aspects.
The book is for people who have a need to design questionnaires: those who work in marketing research, public relations, opinion polling, and human resources. Questionnaires will be of practical use to executives in business, governmental, and not-for-profit organizations who have to make decisions based upon data from surveys.
While it is not designed primarily for scholars and professors of research methodology its straightforward explanations should be immediately useful to students in graduate programs requiring a thesis for degrees in Business, Public Administration, Public Health, Psychology, and Sociology.
T.L Brink holds a doctorate in psychology from The University of Chicago) and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University. He is known worldwide for development of psychometric instruments for the assessment of psychopathology (e.g., the Geriatric Depression Scale), and has taught research methodology to psychology, sociology, business, public administration, and public health students at U.S., Mexican and Spanish universities.
Brink is the author of several hundred articles and reviews in journals such as American Journal of Psychiatry, Academy of Management Review, Contemporary Psychology. He has several dozen encyclopedia articles on topics such as qualitative methods, management theory, measurement of religiosity,  and has authored, co-authored, or edited nine previous books.

Table of Contents

T.L. Brink--Questionnaires   ISBN 1-888725-74-5, 6½X8¼, 280 pp, $18.95  Questionnaires--Practical Hints on How to Avoid Mistakes in Design and Interpretation--By T.L.Brink

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Value Centered Leadership Value Centered Leadership—A Survivor's Strategy for Personal and Professional Growth—Captain George A. Burk (2004)  Principles of Leadership & Total Quality Management applied to all aspects of living. ISBN 1-888725-59-1, 5½X8¼, 120 pp, $16.95

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