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The Tony Sarg Marionette Book

is the classic early American work on practical puppeteering for boys and girls of all ages.

It includes:

Until this reprint, the Tony Sarg Marionette Book had fallen into the scarce book category and copies were sometimes sold by book dealers for over a hundred dollars. Now you can enjoy this work, share it with children, and learn from one of the original masters of puppetry.

Me and My Shadows

Remember that drum set you bought your nephew for Christmas a few years ago?

Your brother does.

Aside from being expensive, amusements like drum sets and pianos are hard to carry around with you and take many hours of painful practice to learn.
In Me and My Shadows there is a gift that is easy to learn, educational, physically beneficial, and always "right at hand" to provide amusement. It is fueled by your imagination.
Buy this book. Give it to your nephew for his birthday. Buy several. Don't neglect your niece. Your relatives will be pleased and excited by this gift that will give endless pleasure and amusement to children of all ages. Where else could you find something this good? It's even a perfect gift to give to yourself!
Think of all the hours of enjoyment you can get from having this simple skill and this portfolio of characters at your command!  
Me and My Shadows is much better than a drum set.

Me and My Shadows gives detailed instructions on how to produce 32 basic shadow puppet figures:
ideal for anytime  gift, christmas gift, girl scout, cub scout, boy scout skit, idea, craft, kindergarten, kindergarten lesson plan or Church youth group. Also a great bit of nostalgia for seniors.

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Table of Contents

Shadow Puppets and How to Make Them
Swan 5
Ducks in a Row 7
Ducks Talking 9
Flying Bird 11
Eagle Head 13
Cat with a Tail 15
Puppy Head 17
Bull Head 19
Deer 21
Elephant 23
Horse with Collar 25
Duck Swimming 27
Snail 29
Full Rabbit 31

Long-Nosed Wolf 33
Goat 35
Rabbit Head 37
Donkey Head 39
Old Lady or Curmudgeon 41
Old Man's Head with Cap 43
Old Biddy (Judy) 45
The Devil 47
Indian Chief 49
Knave with Feathered Hat 51
Witch 53
Jester 55
Old Maid with Fan 57
Musketeer 59
Punch & Judy 61
Scholar, Headmaster 63
Horse Race with Jockey 65
Fisherman in Boat 67

Me and My Shadows Shadow Puppet Fun for Kids of All Ages:

 Enhanced with Practical Paper Pastimes

by Bud Banis PhD (Author), Elizabeth Adams (Contributor)
Buy it at Me and My Shadows is now even better with practical paper pastimes to amuse, entertain, and impress— timeless simple treasures for children to remember fondly— and share in turn with their grandchildren. Imagine visiting friends and being an immediate hit with either hand shadow characters or simple practical paper pastimes. Great for scouts, babysitters, or just bonding on rainy afternoons. Be an expert in amusement! Me and My Shadows is much better than a drum set and, for many, will bring back memories of a simpler time when entertainment was in your own hands.

ISBN: 978-1481954228
Paperback: 120 pages 7.5 x 9.2 inches $14.95
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 2, 2013)
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