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Republican or Democrat-- by Moses Sanchez
Moses Sanchez describes himself as a Black Hispanic. He thinks for himself, questions the stereotypes and makes up his own mind.
ISBN 1-888725-32-X, 8.5X5.5 170 pp, $14.95. see quantity pricing at

Medical Management of Biological Casualties


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  • Plague Legends-from the Miasmas of Hippocrates to the Microbes of Pasteur, (2001) by Dr. Socrates Litsios, author of The Tomorrow of MalariaA thorough but readable and enlightening history of plagues such as Anthrax, Bubonic plague, Smallpox.  Imagine the terror of facing an epidemic without knowing what causes it and having no scientific cure. Illustrated, Bibliography, Index  ISBN 1-888725-33-8, 6¼X8¼, 250pp, $24.95 Read more at plaguelegends.comtable of contents Plague Legends 
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention-2nd Edition NIAID Staff, Assembled and Edited by R.J.Banis, PhD, (2004)  Teacher friendly --free to copy for education. Illustrated with more than 50 photographs of lesions, ISBN 1-888725-58-3, 8¼X6½,  200 pp, $18.95 (Available Fall, 2004)

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Hard-copy Reprints of Bioterrorism Information

Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook with Supplements  US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases 4th Edn, (Feb., 2001),A medical management supplement for the basic field manual below. In addition, about 40 pp of supplementary medical information (to October 2001) was added by us on Anthrax, botulism, Pneumonic Plague, Smallpox perfect bound paperback book 8X 7 160 pp. ISBN 1-888725-77-X   $14.95table of contentsMedical Management of Biological Casualties

Emergency Response to Terrorism -A self-study course (1999) from the US Department of Justice Federal Emergency Management Agency. with quizzes and final exam for NFA Certificate of Completion. Supplementary medical information beyond FEMA content is also added by us on Anthrax, botulism, Pneumonic Plague, Smallpox  (to October 2001). 8½X11, 120pp, spiral bound, $14.95.  table of contents

emergency response training self-study course


US Armed Forces Field Manual on Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties. This is the basic manual to which the Medical Management Handbook is a supplement. Supplementary medical information beyond basic content is also added by us on Anthrax, botulism, Pneumonic Plague, Smallpox  (to October 2001). 8½X11, 120pp, spiral bound, $14.95.

 table of contents

Field Manual Treatment of Biological Casualties

The Emerging Threat of Bioterrorism--National Symposium on Response to Bioterrorism, Reprint of Vol. 5, No.4 of Emerging Infectious Diseases.  8½X11, 120pp, spiral bound, $14.95. table of contents
Emerging Threat of Bioterrorism

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